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Office area in Longbao Tower for rent

Publisher:管理员 Release time:2020-08-11

  Longbao Building, as the core self-operated property of our company, is located in the core business district of Liangma Bridge in the East third Ring Road, close to the Liangma River, with an elegant environment, convenient public transportation and developed commercial facilities. Longbao Building consists of 4 floors of office and more than 120 apartments. Most of the tenants are senior executives of Japanese companies, and the occupancy rate is above 95% all the year round. Some tenants of the office buildings include the World's top 500 Japanese companies and well-known local companies. The building has high quality management and services, dedicated to provide tenants with a safe and comfortable office and living environment.

  Currently, we are actively looking for new tenants in the nearly 1000 square meters of offices we hold and operate. In order to provide tenants with a more pleasant office environment, we have recently upgraded it with the most advanced building materials in Japan. After the renovation, the height is more than 3 meters, which is not only comfortable and bright, but also provides sufficient space for the enterprises to be renovated. The office space after the transformation is reasonable in price, convenient and practical, with high cost performance, and is a good choice for enterprise office site selection.

  Please refer to the following information for the latest vacant area of Longbao Building Office, please feel free to inquire!